7 Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Do you believe that there is connection between your dreams and the reality? The theory that this article will be about is supported by a team of experts and scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan.

Those experts and scientists came to a conclusion that our dreams and the real world are highly connected. Today there are certain common dream symbols that people believe that they have some meaning and some of them are:

1. If you dream waterfalls then that has a good meaning. It means that new beginnings are incoming and the old events will be ‘washed out’.

2. Dreaming about death or dying is not bad as it seems. Death is related to change. So dreaming about death actually means that there will be end of something (relationship, habit) and that new beginnings are waiting for you. It can also mean that you will have a big change in your emotions.

3. There are many dreams about money. Mostly there are dreams that the person is winning the lottery and that actually means that you will make change in your lifestyle that will be good for you. On the other hand if you dream that you are giving some money away that means that you feel fear of loss.

4. There are things that can have different meanings depending on the situation in the dream. One of those examples is fire. If you dream that you are starting a fire that means that you have repressed anger. If you dream that you are playing with fire that means that on your road you will have risky activities or dangerous situation. If you dream about seeing a distant fire it means transformation and desire.

5. If you have dreams of houses then they are related to yourself and the different aspects of your personality. House is representing your mind and the house is a symbol of security and comfort.
If you dream is about attic it means hidden memories while dreaming about basement means unconscious mind and intuition.

6. Very common dreams are the ones where you dream that you are flying. Having a dream where you are flying it means that you will free yourself from some stressful situations you had lately or that you will be successful in achieving your established goal.

7. Just as dreams with fire it is the same with dreaming about teeth. It can have different meaning depending on the situations in the dreams. If your dream is about falling of teeth then it means that you will deal with new situations that will be stressful, such as fear of loss, new job, hidden lies or lack of power in a relationship. If your dream is about having rotten teeth it means anxiety and fear. If your dream is about pulling of teeth it means that there is something that needs to come out.

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