Discover Natural Super Foods That Are Inexpensive

Broccoli – Broccoli contains necessary fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, and carotenoids. This super may be bane of many children’s existence but it’s crunchy and nutritious and provides a big dose of disease fighting elements.

Melons – Melons are low calorie, high fiber, and rich in antioxidants. The most interesting thing about melons is that the part that is the best is often the part that is thrown away, the rind. Remember those watermelon rind pickles your Grandmother used to make? Those things are cancer fighters! Dig out the old recipe and add a antique super food to your diet.

Okra– Okra is staple of Caribbean, Creole, and Southern Soul food that has amazing health properties. It is rich in nutrients like calcium, folic acid and vitamin B-6, and is high in fiber.  This is a food choice used in blood sugar stabilization and as a way to improve the function of the bowels.  Okra is probiotic and helps to heal lung inflammation and ulcers.

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – These fabulous orange vegetables contain beta-carotene, probably the most studied anti-oxidant in the world! As an anti-oxidant it is a cancer fighter but is particularly good at fighting off lung cancer.

Hot Peppers – Hot peppers are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy and cancer fighting fruits that contain capicinoids, which you may know as capsaicin.  Capsaicin gives these peppers their heat and gives you this wide variety of health promoting qualities. Forget chicken soup! Have a big bowl of chili!

Alliums – Alliums are a family of vegetables that include garlic, onions, shallots, chives and leeks among others. All of these vegetables pack a huge dose of flavonoids that make your liver produce an antioxidant called glutathione. Toxins, carcinogens, and a never-ending variety of viruses are eliminated from your body with this antioxidant.

Citrus – Citrus contains vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid. All of these are antioxidants and necessary vitamins to fight and prevent disease, defects, and aging! The importance of vitamin C as a disease fighter is probably the best known, and citrus fruits have it in abundance.

Curry – curry contains Turmeric which is an antioxidant that controls inflammation. This has been shown to reduce the risk of cancers and brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is also beneficial for gastrointestinal and circulatory disorders.

Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate not only feeds your cravings, it also packs the highest levels of antioxidants of almost any food! Dark chocolate consumers show a 20% reduced risk of heart disease. Who could reduce resist that?!

Manuka Honey- This is perhaps the most interesting of the super foods as it is also used externally to heal the body as well as being consumed. This African honey has the hydrogen peroxide that all honeys have, but it also contains a second antibacterial component that has been to know to kill even the most stubborn bacteria like MRSA. Used both internally as a supplement and externally as a salve for wounds, this amazing honey is produced by bees on a plant that is grown in New Zealand. Truly a Super Food!

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