Powerful Natural Remedy For Swollen Legs

Leg swelling can become an unpleasant and painful experience. However, this tea is an effective remedy for preventing legs and ankles from swelling.

Swelling in the legs and ankles swelling is a result of fluid accumulation. The problems occur if you are suffering from circulatory, lymphatic, or kidney disorders. Another factor is too much sitting or standing which can aggravate the problem.

Factors that provoke leg swelling:

– Cardiomyopathy

– Long-term kidney disease

– Cirrhosis

– Deep vein thrombosis

– Heart failure and heart diseases

– Hormone therapy

– Lymphedema

– Nephrotic syndrome

– Painkillers

– Pericarditis

– Pregnancy

– Prescription drugs

– Constant sitting or standing

– Thrombophlebitis

– Chronic venous insufficiency

Despite all these, consuming parsley tea can help regulate and lower the swelling because it eliminates unnecessary fluids by assisting the kidneys through its diuretic properties.

Preparation and instructions:

Chop parsley roots and leaves in tiny pieces. Put about 10 spoons of parsley leaves and roots into a 1 liter of water pan and cook them for 5 minutes. When the tea is ready, set it aside for 20 minutes. Take the tea 2 times a day and the swelling will be efficiently reduced.

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